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Celtic Fans Choose Their All-Time Best Away Shirt, What’s Yours

Celtic have had many good strips in the past and there will hopefully be more to come, Hoops fans take to Twitter to reminisce and choose what classic strip they would want to see again.

There have been a few iconic Celtic strips in the past and each fan will have a unique top that will hold many memories.

We all remember the Celtic strip that the great Larsson wore very well, it holds great memories for fans and we must agree with the poster that it would look amazing with the Adidas logo on instead of Umbro.

The golden/yellow colour matched brilliantly with the emerald green, and Celtic had a very good team that year.

Some fans loved the now retro green and white strip that the late and great Tommy Burns wore.

There are so many to choose from

What is your favourite Celtic top of all time, tell us in the comments or wherever you share this article.

2 thoughts on “Celtic Fans Choose Their All-Time Best Away Shirt, What’s Yours

  1. Best Away Shirt: 2002/2003… road to Seville! That magic night when Henke scores the vital away goal at Boavista!

    Close second: 2003/2004 Jade away shirt worn in Scottish Cup Final where Henke did it again to sign off with his last goals for the club.

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