Alex Rae attempts to stir the pot again after the former Rangers player questions the relationship between the SPFL and Celtic as a large majority vote finally put an end to the Rangers dossier AGM embarassment.

The pundit has made his feelings a little too clear in the last few weeks and has been dishing out suggestive comments online, all to play up to his fans of course.

Alex Rae has stated that its not surprising that Celtic’s Peter Lawwell spoke up after the voting results as the Parkhead side had so much to lose.

Did Rae honestly expect a club who are waiting on their ninth league title in a row to just sit back and allow this carnage to go on, not a chance in hell.

Alex Rae speaking to media:

“I think it’s a wee bit naive to suggest that there is no evidence until you look at the full picture.

“Until you actually look at all these particular grievances, to suggest that there’s no substance to it is just ludicrous.

“If you don’t continue to look at your working practices and why they’ve been questioned, you will never improve as a governing body.

“And for me, they have to look at this stuff.

“If you’ve got a third of your members questioning these practices, it would be beyond belief to not try and take the concerns of the members you represent seriously.

“I’m not exactly sure what Celtic’s relationship with the SPFL is.

“But let me just put it bluntly, it did not surprise me that Celtic spoke up prior to the vote and subsequently after it.

“Not in the slightest because they’ve just been sitting back.”


Another failed attempt by Rangers and all the former players and pundits will be crawling out the woodworks in the next few days when Celtic are crowned deserving champions.