Currently, indeed, Celtic has lost revenue this year.

The club reported a £6 million shortfall in sales in their first six months of service.

It is the expense of Vasilis Barkas, and an external limb.

Celtic’s gross money-in-the-bank has shrunk by £18.6 million from £32.9 million to £19.7 million.

This was mostly attributed to the absence of any major improvements in the summer, and that there was no other widespread epidemic.

The article from KPGM makes for grim reading, and in contrast to even the biggest sides in the world, the club isn’t going that poorly.

It’s a bit of a Catch-22; Celtic’s financial position will be improved by selling the likes of Edouard and Ajer, but losing them before the season would’ve had a horrible effect on a squad pursuing 10IAR.

Given, we’re not going to reach the monumental benchmark anyway, but it would’ve been an awful look to offer on the cusp of glory.

A £6million loss?

This isn’t as horrible as it might be.

The backlash from Rangers supporters in Ibrox is as fitting as a Morelos consolation shoot in a Glasgow derby.

Manage your own investments.

In no boardroom somewhere in the history of sport can an incident like this happen.

This might be a lot worse.