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The Klan Risk Oblivion….AGAIN

As we all know, Rangers are in a very bad way when it comes to the finance department as they reported a loss of £23.5million on the 5th of … Read More

Ex Klan FC Member Has His Say on Jota Staying At Celtic Park

Alan Hutton believes Jota will wait until the conclusion of the season before committing to a long-term commitment at Parkhead. Speaking to the … Read More

Celtic Manager Predicted To Make Key Signings In Next Transfer Window

Following Celtic's defeat to Bayer Leverkusen on Thursday, Noel Whelan believes the club will want to acquire a new centre-back in January. After … Read More

Celtic Set To Lose An Incredible Amount Of Revenue After Europa Exit

Celtic have lost about £38 million as a result of their inability to qualify for the Europa League knockout rounds. So argues financial expert … Read More


I have listened to a lot of guff regarding Rangers and their players, more specifically, the valuations on their squad. From Alfredo’s £40m … Read More

Dermot Desmond Going Nowhere; Damning Indictment of the Celtic Board

Dermot Desmond’s grip on Celtic doesn’t look like it will end any time soon according to Stephen McGowan. VIA CELTS ARE … Read More