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Celtic’s Japanese Star Proves That He Can Damage The Tribute Act 2012

With a 2-2 draw against The Tribute Act 2012 at Ibrox, Celtic retained their nine-point advantage over second-placed Sevco in the Cinch … Read More

Toilet Drinking Moon Howling Journalist Fails Yet Again At Taking On Celtic Pundit After Derby Draw

The Glasgow Derby is done and dusted for now and although Celtic didn't play particularly well or to their usual high standards I should say, … Read More

Moon Howling Podcaster Reacts Bizarrely To Celtic Stalemate

Celtic have kept their nine point lead at the top of the table after a nervy draw against The Klan FC in their own back-yard, Sevco vlogger David … Read More

New Klan FC Cheerleader Makes Ludicrous Claim Regarding Postecoglou

The latest Hun cheerleader to crawl out of their hole is a low level reporter by the name of Fraser Fletcher who has made the claim that Ange … Read More

Celtic Fan Trolls Ex-Moonhowler Turned Poor Pundit

Japan's 2-1 victory against Spain, which sent Daizen Maeda's squad into the World Cup quarterfinals, was overshadowed by one crucial … Read More

The New Klan FC Manager Makes Celtic Admission

Michael Beale has acknowledged that Celtic have larger financial resources than his Ibrox Tribute Act. Since his appointment as manager on … Read More