Former Celtic manager John Barnes feels confident that Edouard will be playing in the English Premier League this season as the Hoops failure feels the need to continue his feud with the Scottish Champions.

Odsonne Edouard bagged himself a hat-trick in Celtic’s first game of the season against Hamilton Accies as the Champions thrashed them 5-1, we all know the interest that surrounds our top player and know that there could be a slight risk that an offer comes in that the board might not refuse.

Barnes indicates that even though the season has started with Edouard, it doesn’t mean the striker will be staying as top clubs from England are ready to launch a bidding war to snatch the Frenchman, clubs such as Arsenal, Leeds United, Everton and Leicester City have all been link over the past few seasons.

John Barnes seems to want this feud with Celtic to continue that he started by calling the club racist towards him during his brief stint as Celtic manager, this attempt to scare the fans into thinking Edouard is leaving seems pathetic, we believe that the striker will be here until the end of this season to lift 10 in a row and will be allowed to move to a club of his choice with the backing of fans.

The disgraced Barnes had this to say:

“However, just because the Scottish season is under way already, I don’t believe there’ll be more transfers than usual; it’s just a feature of Scottish football and it’s unfortunate for the clubs but the English Premier League is favoured, that’s a fact.  

“Odsonne Edouard is someone that I think we may see in the English Premier League this coming season; simply because he’s a great player.  

“It obviously helps that he scored a hat-trick in the first game of the season, but he’s shown a great consistency over the last couple of years and he also got back from lockdown stronger than ever.  

“He’s a grafter and hardworking and the bigger Premier League clubs will have eyed him up. 

“You look at Morelos, who may be moving on from Rangers, Van Dijk came from Scotland, great players playing in Scotland tend to leave.”