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Barry Ferguson Should Keep Quiet As Rangers Are The Ones Under performing.

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Barry Ferguson has suggested that Ryan Christie is just frustrated because he’s injured after he claimed that there is an ‘overreaction’ to Rangers’ 2-0 win over Celtic at Ibrox last Sunday.

A lot was made of how Celtic, who has only secured the Scottish Premiership title the week before, performed on the day as some felt that it laid the marker for next season.

Speaking to STV, Christie, who is currently on the sidelines because of a facial injury, stated that his team can be happy with their performances this season, especially compared with their rivals.

Speaking to PLZ Soccer (15/05/2019), Ferguson aimed a sly dig at Celtic man and claimed he’s only making those comments because he’s injured.

“Ryan Christie is just showing a bit of frustration there because maybe he’s injured and he couldn’t help his teammates,” Ferguson told PLZ Soccer.”When you play against your rivals and you beat them, you have every right to celebrate.”

Celtic haven’t been at their best throughout the season, but they will still look at the situation and see themselves six points clear of their Old Firm rivals.

Next season, there will be a lot of pressure on both teams, with Rangers expected to win some trophies and Celtic hoping to maintain their dominance in Scottish football.

Who comes out on top will depend on what happens during the summer transfer window and which manager will be walking the Parkhead touchline next season.


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