There’s no nice way of saying this, dear readers: our board of directors is laughing at us. We fans been taken for granted for years, but this latest debacle crosses a line, one that hasn’t been crossed in more than 25 years.

What we have now is a board showing the same level of dangerous delusion and disconnect from ordinary Celtic supporters that brought down Michael Kelly and company back in 1994.

Unfortunately, in Peter Lawwell and Dermot Desmond we have two extremely powerful individuals who are a hell of a lot smarter than the likes of Kelly could ever hope to be.

I find myself getting into arguments with fans on a daily basis, who seem now to interpret any kind of criticism of the club, the management or the corporate direction of Celtic as a business as some kind of deep, personal attack.

I hate to use words like “indoctrinated” but this what a conversation with people of this mindset sounds like.

A significant number among our support seem conditioned to accept this steady slide into mediocrity, at a time when we as a club should be ruthlessly pressing home the advantage that 9 years of total domestic dominance should have brought us.

Instead, we trail 13 points behind a Rangers team that shouldn’t even be in the same room as us, financially or ability wise.

This latest statement from the board, continuing to back a failing management team, while ignoring the pleas of the fans for meaningful change pushes us into almost comical territory. No doubt the Rangers fans, who I know lurk on this page, are pishing themselves laughing as we speak.

The statement takes the usual dismissive, arrogant “I’m right and you’re wrong” tone I’ve come to expect from these soulless press releases, however this kicks it up even further.

Let’s look at a few choice quotes:

“The Board recognizes and understands the importance of winning the league championship this season”

Do you? Really? Somehow I doubt it. What seems more likely is that you’ve concluded we fans are easily manipulated and will keep paying over the odds for jerseys, Christmas jumpers and whatever other tat you decide to serve up, like the good, obedient, little puppies we are, regardless of the level of dross appearing on the field of play.

“Neil has the support of the players and staff at the Club.”

Sorry, but clearly he doesn’t. As much as we all love Neil Lennon, the old cliche that the manager has “lost the dressing room” is most certainly in play here. Some of those players just aren’t giving 100%, and it shows. The only way to deal with that is to get rid of them, or find another manager who can motivate them.

” As his outstanding record as a manager, captain and player demonstrates, he knows what it takes to be successful at Celtic and he has delivered success with many of the current squad of players, who understand his method and approach.”

Indeed, Neil Lennon will always be a Celtic legend. His bravery, courage and commitment to the cause are beyond question. However, that is in the past. His current ability to lead the team at this time is very much in question, and the conclusion of all but the most blinkered of fans is that his time has passed.

You can’t on one hand deny that you ever called Celtic fans “entitled” whilst just two paragraphs earlier in the same statement hold up past achievements as some kind of excuse for current failings.

Thinking that past success excuses current incompetence is the very definition of entitled!

When I look at the Celtic board, I see their refusal to even acknowledge any errors in judgement, their failure to stop and reassess the situation, and their willing ignorance towards what fans, pundits and results are saying .I see entitlement personified.

This statement will not do anything to pacify fans. However we are dealing with some extremely obstinate, arrogant individuals here. I expect they will continue to double-down regardless of the results in the days ahead.

Buckle up Bhoys, this is going to be a long ride.