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Brendan’s Gone And We Have All Been Fooled By His Nice Guy Attitude/Lennon And Kennedy Will Guide Us Home.

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Brendan Rodgers has now left Celtic for Leicester and the English Premier League, was it the right move for him time will soon tell, but the way in which he’s conducted himself will forever tarnish his so called Celtic reputation.

Celtic are eight points clear with around 13-15 games left in the season, and can still win the treble for a third time in a row along with the eighth league title in a row, most managers would walk over hot coal and broken glass to be in that kind of position, but apparently it’s not for Brendan Rodgers as he has walked out the back door and chased the money.

Not one Celtic fan would begrudge Rodgers a move as he has definitely earned it, but to do it at such a crucial stage of the season especially with Rangers still within reach, it just baffles us all, he could have waited until the end of the season and even leaks within the Leicester camp have stated that offer was on the table.

The man fooled us all with his nice guy attitude and the whole I’m a Celtic supporter speech, don’t get me wrong he’s left the club in a strong position but he showed no respect for the club or for the fans.

One man that has proved he is Celtic to the core is Neil Lennon, who has taken the reigns once again at Celtic Park along with John Kennedy who will be his number two at guiding us to the league title, the treble at this stage will be a nice bonus but we must focus on that title.

No matter what you think of Lennon his over all record in Scotland And Europe outweighs Brendan’s, remember Lennon was managing Celtic at a time where Rangers were on par with Celtic (EBT).

In the long run this will be a good thing, when you look at Brendan’s record at signing players it wasn’t that great but Lennon gave us about 8 quality signings at a lower budget, Brendan was lucky with the squad he inherited as he got key players such as Rogic, McGregor,Tierney and Forrest.

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