The Klanbase are resurfacing with fresh problems with their premium branded Castore shirts as the Orcs take to social media with kits that are degrading in quality after a few washes.

The Castore brothers Tom and Phil Beahon have been in hiding the last few months as their top quality brand had secretly partnered up with Sports Direct legend big Mike, the trio managed to rip off the Sevco Klanbase in regards to their club kit and merchandise.

The Castore brand has been trashed online and many fans posted photos of the poorest, cheap quality products that just made Celtic melt with laughter, complete comedy gold.

The initial batch of home tops suffered with strange pointy shoulders and letters falling off in the wash but now issues are surfacing after the away kit takes a trip into the washing machine.

One of the most embarrassing issues was with Junior Lifestyle Sweatshirts which bore an uncanny resemblance to school jumpers complete with name tag on the label.