Castore Banter | The Klanbase Go Mental As The Jumper Saga Begins

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Sevco fans are having a meltdown as their top quality Castore clothing seems to be nothing more than cheap rubbish.

Over the past few weeks the Klanbase have been going crazy online at the lesser quality of Castore’s attempts at their Sevco kits.

Now its also emerged that the premium brand is basically buying up cheap t-shirts and jumpers and passing them off as the real deal, the Klan are paying over the odds for cheap tat, you really can’t make this kind of comedy gold up if you tried.

There also doesn’t seem to be any level of customer service for the orcs to contact, they are literally partnered up with Big Mike and ripping off The Rangers all over again.

It seems that orders made online are subject to a post code lottery, if your kit is manufactured in China it will have a passing resemblance of the shirt being worn by James Tavernier and Ryan Kent.

The lettering on the kits and other clothing comes off in the washing as its basic transfering you get out the shops.

The good news for Ibrox fans is that the kit on sale from Sports Direct seems to be of an acceptable quality.