It’s a frustrating time to be a Celtic supporter right now. 

Whatever your view on the manager’s position, the silence from the club is truly deafening. 

Rumours seem to be changing by the hour, but the latest I have heard at the time of writing is that Neil Lennon will remain in place, at least for the Milan game on Thursday night. 

Online calls between Lennon and the board yesterday were said to be “very positive”. The lack of an official statement from the club either way suggests otherwise. 

If they are going to continue to back the manager then it is disrespectful not only to the fans but to Neil Lennon himself to not come out and say it. 

After all, as I’ve said on here before, Celtic’s corporate side certainly aren’t slow to contact us when they want our money. 

A lot of the anger now is directed at Neil Lennon, and as manager he himself admits that is part of the job. However, as I said yesterday, he is but one cog in a broken system. That system is controlled by our board and the buck stops with them. 

Yet again, when careful planning, investment and action are what’s needed, the board are playing their usual game of: “ah, f*ck it! it’ll be alright!”

In the same way as they refused to act when it seemed obvious to most we would struggle to make the Champions League for the past 3 years and when it became clear even last season that the squad needed an overhaul, they are once again sitting on their hands and hoping the storm will pass.

They know the loyalty of the Celtic support is unquestioned. They know that they can emotionally blackmail us into continuing to pay over the odds for their merchandise, their piss-poor media services and their season tickets. 

No doubt when we get back to Celtic Park eventually they’ll still be using the same cheapskate caterers for the food kiosks. Your pie that’s burnt on the outside and frozen in the middle, served up by an underpaid teenager with little to no experience will be there waiting for you. 

And we’ll gobble it up, because we always do. 

And yes, I know that writing this as I sit here wearing my new Adidas home jersey, and waiting for my Celtic Christmas sweater to be delivered I am part of the problem and also a bit of a hypocrite.

Being “faithful through and through” is simultaneously the Celtic support’s biggest strength and it’s biggest weakness. 

Our board knows this, and until major changes happen they will continue to manipulate all of us. 

Change is needed, and it can’t just begin and end with the manager.