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Celtic Could Be Going Straight Into The Champions League Group Stages Every Season.

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Celtic could potentially be put straight into the Champions League every season if the new proposed wild card option is given the go ahead and would see historical teams like Celtic and Ajax get a pass.

Clubs like Celtic and current semi-finalists Ajax are concerned new proposals by the ‘elite’ clubs will mean the competition becomes a closed shop with teams inside the top four or five leagues getting preferential treatment.

However, one proposal now on the table is to have ‘wild card’ inclusions for ‘clubs of historical importance in European football.’ The theory being, clubs like Celtic and Ajax could be dropped straight into the competition if they win their leagues on the ‘wild card’ option. This seems like fantasy though! Who would determine historical significance? And what would be the parameters for Celtic to get a place over another Euro side with significance? It’s all a bit convoluted.

It also smacks of a reduced level of entitlement. Celtic should not be in the Champions League because they’re a club of ‘Euro significance’ but because they’ve won their league and deserve to be there or at least have a FAIR chance to be there.

Currently, the bhoys must go through FOUR qualifiers to make the group stage and as we saw this season, one slip and it’s all gone.

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