Shane Duffy has created alot of buzz at Celtic since he joined from Brighton and the fighting Irishman has revealed that his International manager was delighted to hear that he’d joined the Scottish Champions.

With the likes of Gary Breen trying to put a dampener on Duffy’s move by insinuating that Scottish Football is that easy that it would put Shane’s Ireland role at risk, complete and utter nonsense we know.

It was great to hear what Stephen Kenny has to say about his captain moving to Celtic as revealed by Duffy himself.

I did speak to him when I signed, I was with Ireland and we had a chat. He was delighted that I made the move here, he knows that it can help me and make me play better.

Celtic play a lot with the ball and a lot higher up the pitch which is something that I wasn’t doing at Brighton so he thinks it will improve my game.

Just the mentality of having to win every single week, getting that knack and if I can bring that to the Ireland squad as well it’ll be good. He was all for it. He knows Scotland and knows what it is all about.

As we are all aware, Kenny was infact a manager in Scottish Football and even lead Dunfermline to a cup final back in 2007, even his assistant manager Damien Duff was employed by Celtic and both clearly know that playing with the best team in Scotland will make most players better overall.

Duffy, is a good player and should find it easy enough to stroll most games as the big defender has already scored two goals in both his starting games for Celtic, the big test will be against Sevco as those are the games that Celtic will need to get the wins this season.

Sevco will do what they always do and bottle it as soon as they get a hint of that “must win” pressure that Celtic have been dealing with for the last decade or so.