Sun. Dec 8th, 2019

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Celtic not interested in Rangers target as media try and play mind games.

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Celtic never wanted Max Lowe and Rangers can have him as he is simply not good enough for the team.

There has been a few sneaky posts going about the web, that Celtic are losing out on Max Lowe to bitter rivals Rangers and that is nowhere near the truth.

This happens every transfer window, when the biased media have to write fake news and play childish mind games just to make it look as if Rangers are actually winning on some level.

The facts are that Rangers were linked to the loaned Aberdeen player from the very start of this window and so they should as he’s they’re class of player, not ours.

Celtic and manager Neil Lennon have money in the bank and have already signed two players for a combined total of £10 million, do you really believe that Celtic would be fighting over a basic player with Rangers, a player who couldn’t get a game in his own club and got loaned out to Aberdeen, not a chance, if we wanted to sign him it would have happened without any doubt.

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