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Celtic Vow To Support Tom Boyd All The Way

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Celtic have announced they will support Tom Boyd all the way if the SFA launch an investigation into Boyd’s comments against referee John Beaton.

Boyd lashed out at John Beaton’s decisions during the game against Dunfermline in the Betfred Cup as the well-known Rangers fan denied the Scottish Champions a clear penalty.

Boyd, who regularly commentates on Celtic TV, has previously criticised Scottish referees before his latest outburst.

And he said on Saturday: “If he doesn’t know that’s a penalty he should not be in the middle of the park refereeing a football game,’ before adding, “He’ll probably be welcomed down his pub the night again.”

“Old law, new law, no matter what kind of law, that is a penalty.


“How John Beaton hasn’t given that? We’ve seen it before from referees like this. John Beaton not giving us a penalty, absolutely stunning decision Standing alone there, I wonder what his thoughts are.

“I’m mystified … I’m not mystified. John Beaton as though it was a pre-meditated decision not to give that penalty because it was so late in the game, I’m not sure.

“It’s come off his arm. Regardless of players down or whatever, he’s not given a drop ball. So he’s seen it hit the hand of the Dunfermline player and it should be a penalty. Outrageous decision from John Beaton.

“We’ve not played well, but once again a decision from a referee may cost us in this game, hopefully we’ll go on and beat not the 10 men, not the 11 men of Dunfermline, but the 12 men.”

Celtic are confident that nothing will come of these remarks as Rangers Manager Steven Gerrard has hit out at Referees all of last season stating that Celtic always get the decisions and Rangers get nothing, laughable as Rangers are the only team to get four penalties in one game.

We all know as Celtic fans that since the start of time Celtic have always had to fight against corrupt anti-Celtic SFA rule, who will do anything to see Celtic lose.


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