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Celtic Will Lose The League Next Season And Here’s Why.

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Celtic will lose the league next season and Rangers will finally close the gap at long last, well that’s according to King and Arfield along with a host of other morons.

It seems this is a recurring theme near the end of every season, Celtic dominate the full season and Rangers come out with rubbish to sell season tickets.

And it always works, it’s been years and the unclean still buy into this nonsense and cling onto hope of winning a trophy.

Celtic haven’t been great this season and still we are miles ahead of them and the rest of Scottish football, Gerrard was their last roll of the dice and he’s the worst yet, he’s spent decent money on transfers and wages, and to top it off Rangers actually put up club assets against a loan to make it look like the club are in profit, all you need to do is check the company house website.

All Celtic have to do in the summer is sort out who’s managing and steady the ship, we will cruise to ten in a row, don’t get me wrong Celtic will have to revamp the squad as there could be potentially about 8 players heading out the door.

Rangers would need another thirteen signings and that simply won’t happen.

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