Celtic’s money man Dermot Desmond has begun his plan to make big changes within the Scottish Champions and it begins with a fresh appointment on the club’s board as senior figures will be stepping down.

This change might not be the one that Celtic fans want but it could be seen as a step in a new direction for the club after a shocking season that has left 10 in a row in severe doubt.

Dermot Desmond has made up his mind and wants to make huge changes when the summer comes around, it will begin with appointing one of his sons to join the boardroom.

Football Insider has revealed that Celtic’s big boss is already making the plans now and that Neil Lennon and Nicky Hammond could be on their way out of the club as a new era at the club is sorely needed.

Ross Desmond will be handed a more hands-on role at the club and will help steer the club in a new direction and the role will officially start when the season has ended.

It seems that major changes are coming Celtic’s way and going by what has been said by Football Insider its both playing side and in the boardroom.