Davie Provan has blasted Kris Boyd for having the audacity of stating that Celtic should be deducted points for an employees personal choice, as Bolingoli had a day trip to Spain and broke numerous rules.

The idiotic defender has already made Celtic miss their next two games in the season due to a protocol breach during a world wide pandemic.

This has opened the flood gates on the football world debating if clubs should be punished for their players breaking rules, which they most definitely shouldn’t.

Davie Provan had a few words to say in retaliation to Boyd’s biased views on Celtic being deducted 6 points.

Provan said: “The suggestion clubs should forfeit points if they’re responsible for a game being called off is daft. Why would you punish players who are following the guidelines because of one who can’t?

“St Mirren boss Jim Goodwin had a better solution. A lengthy suspension for guilty individuals makes more sense. If a player deliberately ignores the Covid-19 restrictions, he should be fined and banned.

“That possibility must terrify Neil Doncaster. With Sturgeon threatening a red card, the game is on a knife-edge. Halting the season now would make last season’s shambles resemble a picnic.”

The Scottish Champions will not be deducted points and any notion of a point penalty would be thrown out of court as Celtic or any football club for that matter are employers who pay an employee a salary and issue days off just like any other company in the world.

Celtic cannot be held responsible for what a player does in their own personal time, we can’t own a player 24/7.