It has been reported that Eddie Howe and Peter Lawwell have been spotted playing a round of golf in Scotland as these rumours fuel the notion that Celtic could be ready to change their management team.

This rumour will be music to the ears of the majority of Celtic fans as they have been crying for the former Bournemouth manager to replace Neil Lennon for a while now.

Jim White who we all know supports that Sevco mob has stated that he has heard that both men had played a round of golf in Scotland recently.

It’s really one of these rumours that you either hope is true or false depending on if you think Lennon can take the club forward.

White stated:

 “One name that keeps on getting mentioned, and I cannot confirm this, but it’s been reported to me that Eddie Howe was in Scotland recently playing golf with Peter Lawwell.

“Eddie Howe is ready to take a job back in football. Would Eddie Howe be the man for Celtic?

“With all due to respect to Neil who I know is still in the job and I apologise for talking like this, but we have to.

“Would Howe be the man? If you’re a Celtic fan, would you want him?”

Regardless of these rumours, we should still back Neil Lennon all the way unless the board decide that his time is up as manager of Celtic, this season is too important to lose our way over a few rumours.