If there’s one person who’s involved in Scottish Football that Celtic fans can rely on its former youth player and now Open Goal host Si Ferry as the 32 year old gives his verdict on the current Celtic players.

Just like the rest of the Celtic fans, the Peterhead midfielder has given us his honest and brutal opinion on the Scottish Champions being defeated 4-1 by Sparta Prague, it pretty much sums up our season so far.

Too make matters even worse, the Czechs were a heavily depleted side and Neil Lennon should have gotten that vital European win.

However, the players were also at fault and have been all season as there’s been no consistency and a lack of desire to win this 10 in a row.

Ferry speaks with the media and gives his honest opinion on the players and we fully agree with him.

“The only one who tries to win the ball back when they give it away is Laxalt.

“You can see it, I can see it. He’s the only one.

“He’s been in the door for two weeks, he gives the ball away and bang, he gets it back.

“You’ve got guys who have been there for years, who know what it means, who have been part of this run for Nine In A Row and it seems to be like they’re giving it up on a whim.

“If you’re going to lose it working as hard as you can then you then you can accept that, but to see guys who have been there and done it walking about and flinging their arms up in the air, that’s not acceptable.”

Remember, Si Ferry still plays football in Scotland with Peterhead and he reminds the players that you play for the club regardless of whos in charge and whatever level it may be.

He added: “I play in League One in Scotland on a Saturday and I go out and give 100 per cent every Saturday, playing for Peterhead. These guys are getting paid thousands of pounds, it doesn’t matter if the guy from the pub is your manager, one thing you do is go out there and give it your all.

“You can forgive mistakes on the ball, but in terms of a lack of work rate when you have things to play for, win that game and they’re back in the group, confidence is sky high again going to a tough game on Sunday at Motherwell.

“Now it’s flipped the other way, purely through a lack of hard work.

“Sparta Prague were hopeless in terms of on the ball. What they were was more aggressive, worked hard and hungrier.

“I agree the manager and the shape needs to get better, it does, but the players need to take a massive look at themselves.

“Edouard, a £30m player? Walking about. Guys like Firmino, these top players that Edouard wants to be, they work twice as hard as what Edouard works. Elyounoussi shaking his head coming off, why? That’s the problem, these guys think they are doing well. They’re not.

“It doesn’t matter who is standing on the side, if you’re not going to run about you’re not going to win football matches.”

No wonder this man has become so successful with Open Goal and his other ventures as Ferry knows what he’s talking about, it’s his job to know the in’s and out’s of the game.

He’s hit the nail on the head, these players are drunk on past success and are riding the tail coat of the last few seasons of winning.

This is a new season and things will change, Rangers are producing the goods and at the moment Celtic aren’t, that should spark something in those players to work harder in training and on the pitch.

Neil Lennon must drum it into them that nobody’s job and position remains safe this season, if either the managerial staff or the players throw this 10th title down the drain and hand the plaudits to Steven Gerrard, no fan will forgive them.