Frank McAvennie, a former Celtic striker, has told Football Insider that he believes Hoops midfielder Ryan Christie is not talented enough to compete in the English Premier League.

Additionally, the analyst adds that the player became somewhat of a ‘laughing stock’ this season when his shoot on sight policy did not work as well as it did the prior season.

When asked about the connection with Southampton and whether Ryan might cut it down south, Frank responded:

“I don’t think so.

“He’s a wonderful talent but I think he’s too light for the Premier League. If you touch him, he goes down.

“He’s a big lad, he needs to stay on his feet. It looks like he just wants to win free kicks.

“There’s no doubting his ability or his talent. But he’s stopped doing the little things.

“He’s stopped chasing the ball, he looked so eager at the start of his career. Now he doesn’t look bothered.

“He’s lost his hunger, his appetite. That said, he was playing out of position last season.

“He became a bit of a laughing stock, he was just picking the ball up and shooting but he deserved some slack.

“It will take a big job for the boy to make it in the Premier League.”


As has been the case with many of Celtic’s players this season, Ryan struggled to establish any type of consistent form. The midfielder was a victim of the manager’s excessive shuffles, and while James Forrest was sidelined, Ryan was frequently played out of position. Attempting to enter from the right and being ineffective.