Chris Sutton has taken Robbie Savage to task yet again as the former Celtic star had enough of Robbie’s idiotic on air buffoonery, the former Foxes player made himself look “petty” live on air.

We all know that both pundits like to have a friendly go at each other as Robbie Savage claims to be a Rangers fan even though he’s never actually been to Mordor for a match.

We tolerate the former Foxes player simply because we know Chris Sutton will always be there to make him look stupid.

The subject moved on to Tottenham star Harry Kane and his lack of medals, the former Leicester player did indeed win the league cup with his club in the 90’s.

This was used in Savage’s debate that he himself was ahead of Harry Kane as a player with that one medal.

Sutton couldn’t sit back and let his old pal get away with that remark and called him out on it.

Sutton: “You’ve just panned Harry Kane. What was your line?”

Savage: “At this minute, I’ve won more trophies than Harry Kane.”

Sutton :”That is amazing. The inference is that you were a better player than Hary Kane, that’s embarrassing, I’m embarrassed for you, ‘I’ve won more trophies than Harry Kane’, that’s so petty Rob.

“That sums you up, petty, petty, petty, petty.”

It just goes to show that even in English football there can be idiots getting a wage to talk football who know nothing of the game, sometimes a good player can be a terrible pundit.