Kris Commons has stated that Sevco will have one less thing to worry about when Celtic and Rangers meet this coming Saturday as no fans will be there to give them rounds of verbal abuse.

The former Celtic player who recently has been spouting out negative comments about Neil Lennon’s squad has announced that Sevco will have a slight advantage playing at Parkhead on this tie.

There’s no doubt about it that home advantage is always a 12th man on the day, but Commons also admits that Celtic are on a good run of form at the moment despite not playing particularly well in some cases.

Whether you agree with his comments, Kris Commons also believes that Lennon and Celtic have enough to come out match winners as the club are Champions for a reason.

Kris stated:

“No matter who the opponent is, there’s nothing worse than playing in an empty stadium. It’s just going to be so eerie.

“Even though they’ve played almost a full round of fixtures behind closed doors, it will truly hit them when both the buses let them off at the top of the Celtic Way.

“That’s when the enormity of the occasion would normally hit you, thousands of fans crammed behind barriers just gives you that last little reminder of exactly what this fixture means.

“When our bus drew up at Ibrox, we’d get dog’s abuse from the Rangers fans. No team talk was required after that.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that this new scenario does favour Rangers. Home advantage is so much to do with the hostile atmosphere that the Celtic fans create. That’s one less thing for Steven Gerrard’s players to contend with.

“Similarly, the fact those Celtic fans won’t be cheering every throw-in or corner their side wins won’t do Neil Lennon’s players any favours. As a player, I thrived on getting our fans out of their seats.

“Although I do believe that the closed-doors environment is something of a leveller here, the best football side should still emerge with the three points.

“That’s what Neil Lennon will be saying to his players. They are champions for a reason, they are on a good run without playing exceptionally well and if they perform to their capability, they should come out on top.

“They just have to find a different way of winning this one. Normally, the atmosphere ensures the game takes care of itself, but this time the players have to look within for their motivation.”