Former Celtic defender Jeremie Frimpong is set to make a return to Celtic Park as his side are set to face the Hoops in their Europa League clash.

The 22 year old made the switch to Bayer Leverkusen last January and now seems to be enjoying life in the German Bundesliga, although many Celtic fans thought that Frimpong bailed out on the club during a very difficult season that saw Neil Lennon leave his post as manager and the club lose that 10th League Title in a row.

Whatever your thoughts on Frimpong leaving, the board just saw the money and were never going to reject that offer as the impact of Covid took its toll on the finances despite the large donation that supporters handed to the club without much in return.

They energetic right-back has become a fan favourite with his German support and has learned many new things since playing for Celtic, you can put that down to our coaching staff as last seasons tactics didn’t prove to be anything special.

Is Frimpong a threat?

Of course he is as he’s become a real danger down that right flank and can produce assist after assist.

With Celtic without key players and struggling in the league, this could be a real gubbing of a game if we don’t get our serious heads on.

On the other hand, Celtic really are a club that step up to the plate when it comes to big games, being the underdog seems to give our players the edge in these types of games.

Former Hoops manager Neil Lennon had said last year that Frimpong made it clear he wanted to leave the club, however the 22 year old has made it clear he didn’t say that.

He said:

“I was not looking to leave Celtic, when the chance came to join Leverkusen it was not something I was actively looking to do.

“I was happy with my teammates, happy with the fans.

“The Bundesliga is one of the top three leagues in Europe and when you get that chance it was impossible for me to say no.

“I didn’t know of their interest in me.

“It was a shock – but the chance to play for one of the best clubs in Germany was not something I could turn down.”