Logan Bailly has quit his club in a bizarre row with Union Namur Fosses-La-Ville owner after players were told to sell wine to make up for loss of wages.

The former Celtic keeper had a back to back 2 year spell in Glasgow but only managed a handful of first-team games.

After the keeper came out of retirement to sign for lower Belgian club Union Namur Fosses-La-Ville, Bailly has now quit the club in a strange twist as the owner has demanded that players sell wine if they want their wages as players were not getting paid due to Covid-19.

Bailly spoke with the media:

“If I told you only a quarter of what I experienced here, you would have a good laugh.

“The majority of the players have had no wages since February and the new owner had decided he no longer has to pay us because of the coronavirus.

“In fact, he even suggested we sell wine instead to make up for not paying us.

“So I am looking for another club. I have had offers from teams in Malta and Romania, but I don’t want to go too far from my family again.

“I still have enthusiasm for the game, but it will take time for me to get fit. It’s like returning from injury.

“I have gained a few pounds and haven’t touched a ball for two months, but if I get a chance from a club I’ll fight to come back.

“I know my career could have been better. I am not an angel.

“I often went out, I drank and did some silly things. It was a part of my life and I did what I did.

“I know what I spent and what I won and lost, but if I am homeless under a bridge in five years’ time, that’s my problem. I take responsibility for everything I’ve done.”