Alfredo Morelos will not be sold for Dembele Dollars, according to Kenny Miller.

Despite the incessant chatter in the Scottish media, the obese Colombian has elicited no interest in his 10th transfer window.

From Barcelona to Newcastle to Burnley, a slew of teams have been keeping tabs and evaluating bids for the former HJK Helsinki sensation without ever making an offer.

There is no actual interest in Morelos, who will be a free agent next summer, due to concerns about his fitness and attitude.

Miller had this to say:

If Alfredo really wants a move to the Premier League, La Liga or the Bundesliga, he might feel the best opportunity now is to go on a free next summer. 

The flip side to that is he looks happy at Rangers. He’s found a home here and is adored by the Ibrox fans. So there are two sides to it. But he is the one who holds all the aces here. 

With just a year left, if Rangers want to sell now I’d be surprised if they got an eight-figure fee. It would be millions, just not tens of millions. 

At this stage, if the club wants to maximise his value, trying to get him re-signed is paramount.