Steven Gerrard has started to make claims regarding the potential sale of his players that he has no power over as Klan FC are desperate to raise funds from player sales.

A few weeks ago we already heard from King’s own mouth that next summer will be huge for Rangers as they would need to start selling off valuable assets regarding player sales.

He also confirmed that Rangers have been spending far too much on incomings and wages as they have barely seen any revenue flood in from the sale of players, the Ibrox club has only managed to bring in around £3 million since Gerrard took over.

High valued players such as Kyle Lafferty, Eros Grezda, Bruno Alves, Fabio Cardosa, Carlos Pena and Eduardo Herrera who combined have cost Rangers a small fortune, have all had their big wage contracts paid up in full and released from their commitments.

Steven Gerrard has stated that no stars will be sold in January but he cannot keep that promise as the club like many clubs around the world have felt the heat financially from the pandemic, we believe some players will be sold in the coming transfer window.

None of our big players will be going anywhere in January. I am well aware of the club’s situation, and what we need to do now moving forward. Of course, I totally understand that at some point we will have to trade someone.

I’m not naive enough to think we won’t have to do that. But it’s extremely important we keep our best players, certainly in the next window, and that they are here for the duration of the season.


This coming from a manager whos club actively tried to sell both Morelos and Kent during the last transfer window, nobody wanted to pay what the club needed then and they may not now.