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Gerrard Has Stated Rodgers Said Celtic Are Now Afraid Of Rangers.

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Apparently Rangers manager Steven Gerrard has hit out at Celtic just before the last Glasgow derby of the season by stating former Celtic manager Rodgers told him that Celtic have now got the fear for Rangers.

Now we all know this is highly doubtful as how can you fear a team that is run by idiots and supported by clowns, do we not find it funny that Gerrard has only come out with this and the timing seems to be perfect.

This seems to be a last throw of the dice for Gerrard and hes merely just trying to unsettle Neil Lennon and his Celtic squad.

Celtic will only use silly comments like these as ammunition in today’s grudge match and they will be right up for this game, so much so it might backfire for Steven Gerrard and his band of clowns, Lennon will have definitely told a few key players in the squad to get stuck in and antagonize the Rangers players as there will a few cards getting shown today.

All Celtic need to do today is let Rangers come at them for the first 15/20 minutes and get a feel for the flow of the game, then start to control and and implement Lennon’s tactics, Rangers are the ones that need this win, Gerrard needs to end in somewhat of a high but Celtic don’t really need to go out guns blazing, let them run out of steam then finish them off like a wounded deer.


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