Leigh Griffiths has revealed that Virgil van Dijk mocked him during their spell together at Celtic as the striker talks with Si Ferry on Open Goal.

The big Dutch defender would make fun of Griffiths as the striker boasted the same famous hair as former World Cup winner Bobby Charlton.

Speaking with Si Ferry on his Open Goal show, the pair managed to reveal some funny stories to tell the audience.

Open Goal:

SF: Who impressed you most at Celtic?

LG: Virgil, head and shoulders above everybody. Just one of those things, you’re going for a 50-50 ball, I’m sprinting and he’s jogging and he could have knocked me into next week. Literally he was head and shoulders above everybody, now he is showing to everybody how good a player he is. Ridiculous.

And Samaras, on his day is unplayable.

SF: And on another day he looks like me playing.

LG: Aye, on another day he just can’t be a*&^d.  What one is going to turn up. I wouldn’t fault anybody, they’ve been at the top for Celtic, scored goals and it was just a joy to be involved.

SF: There must have been one day that you rinsed van Dijk in training?

LG: No, but I remember doing the Crossbar Challenge, it was before I had got my hair done, Crossbar Challenge was a big thing back in the day; there was only six of us doing it, me Broony, Commons, Virgil, Zaluska and Stokesy. I end up running up to the camera and somebody behind shouts ‘BOBBY CHARLTON’ I couldn’t do anything, I just had to burst out laughing and say no problem. That was fun, I’m sure it was Virgil that shouted Bobby Charlton.