Once again, it falls to the Celtic fans’ online community to clear up yet more confusion created, and willfully perpetuated by the Scottish Press.

No, Leigh Griffiths wasn’t involved in a car bomb incident yesterday.

In fact, any connection between the Celtic and Scotland striker and the incident that occurred in Bothwell this week was, at best, tenuous.

A car was set on fire next to Griffiths’ house. Neither he, nor his partner were injured, nor is the incident thought to be connected to him in any way.

However, for the sewer dwellers masquerading as journalists at the Daily Record, any excuse to connect a Celtic player to a story involving violent crime  and intrigue is too good to pass up, no matter how weak the connection.

The fact that this serves only to create further needless stress for a player known to be battling mental health issues, is of course unimportant to them.

It’s all about sensationalism and to hell with the human consequences of their irresponsible actions.

This latest issue raises memories of the similarly nonsensical story the tabloids tried to concoct last year of an alleged attempt to sabotage Rangers Striker Alfredo Morelos’ car.

In the end the tampering was, apparently, a tracking device placed on the vehicle by a private detective, hired by the striker’s wife, to investigate his alleged dalliances with other women.

But of course, by the time the truth came out, it didn’t matter. Hysteria had already taken hold of the Sevconian message boards.

Those among their brethren able to read and write were openly sharing conspiracy theories and wild speculations of a “Fenian plot” to assassinate their star striker.

For the likes of The Sun and the Daily Record, it represented “mission accomplished”.

When your business is tabloid trash, all you have to do is plant the seeds of the rumour. Then just sit back and let a combination of hysteria, stupidity and the need for gossip take over.

The truth becomes nothing more than an inconvenient distraction.

Thankfully, most Celtic fans are smarter than that.

The Daily Record’s futile attempts to create a climate of fear and panic around us and our players will not succeed.

It’s all part of their game, and it’s a game Celtic fans no longer need entertain.

Don’t buy The Sun and don’t buy the Daily Record!