Michael Stewart has blasted Neil Lennon’s tactics and the performance of Celtic against Sevco, and he’s not wrong.

The pundit is very fair when it comes to his criticism and voices his concerns over the tactical choices of the Celtic manager.

The pundit states:

“Rangers in complete control. The exact same as the previous game between the sides. Celtic have no idea how to build the play, resorting to forcing it. Rangers pushing Celtic into all the areas they want them to go.

“Playing with effectively no width against Rangers plays straight into their hands. Tactically spot on from the Ibrox side. I genuinely can’t believe Celtic are shaped up like this.

“Rangers have dominated the last three games against Celtic. But that one is by far the easiest & most comfortable for Rangers. Celtic completely devoid of any idea how to breakdown their rivals. Huge opportunity for Gers to build a large lead and maintain it over the next few months.”

For once we can’t complain with the critisism of the performance as it’s valid to say the least.

Neil Lennon will have to work a miracle over the coming days and attempt to make amends to the fans as the next few games ahead will prove our toughest test yet.