We all thought that Celtic was ready to change the tide of the season when Neil Lennon’s men shocked us all by going 2-0 up against the Italian giants in Italy.

Then the Celtic supporters were brought back to reality as the team crumbled yet again to allow a 4-2 defeat that will extend out winless run even further.

Not only that, we have to endure the Klan media as they consistently set Rangers up for every trophy under the sun.

One thing I want to touch upon is the deluded mentality of the infamous crook Dave (who you staring at) King as the Klan Leader has now twisted his own words in the media in such a way that the Sevconians will take as positive.

King has stated that his Rangers squad is now worth an estimated £200 million and this would make the club very rich next season, he has told the Klanbase that the club will need to sell players next summer as they have been spending more than they earn, something we as Celtic fans have made obvious since their creation.

The Rangers tax crook is openly laughing at the Celtic board and our fans as we have basically as it stands handed the league to them on a plate, there has been no fight in this team for months and something needs to change.

Celtic have been the ones who have earned a small fortune from player sales over the last few seasons but that could all change if the board fail to act now.

All it would take is for the Klan to win the league and sell players, then qualify for the Champions League and they could potentially mount a further challenge next season while Celtic paper over the cracks.

Some fans might not agree with them being able to qualify for the Champions League but at the end of the day, Steven Gerrard has them flying in Europe over the last two years.

As paying fans we do hope the Celtic board are plotting something to change this season around if Neil Lennon is here and here to stay then the board must help him out if that means quickly bringing in a more experienced man to help Lennon with the team then so be it.

Many fans are hoping that the trip to Dubai will have the same impact on our players as the last few seasons but that’s a huge gamble, Celtic will play St Johnstone tomorrow and it must be a win, not only a win it’s got to be the best performance of the season as the fans need convincing that a winning run is achievable.

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