A simpleton Klan FC fan who probably is married to his sister has sent out a tweet on Twitter that has just proved how much unintelligent their lot actually are.

Everyone from the Govan side was calling for the league to be “null and void” last season as they were desperate for Celtic to lose their 9th league title even if that meant other clubs go bust.

They didn’t seem to realise that if it was indeed cancelled then no money would be paid to them or any club for that matter and every team in Scottish Football would then have to potentially pay back season ticket cash and TV money.

Celtic fans that are calling for the end of the season this year are merely mocking their rival counterparts for their actions last year.

If was so funny, even pundits from the Klan media were backing the fans.

In the end, it was also Rangers who voted for Celtic to be crowned champions for a 9th consecutive time.