The comedy gold continues from across the city as Sevconians have now discovered that some of their elite branded Sevco shirts are not what they seem nor what they paid for as a viral video has now revealed that some of the shirts are just rebranded Umbro tops.

Yes, you read that correctly and before there’s a backlash of comments moaning that its not Celtic news, in a way it is, our closest rivals are in distress and being fleeced and we absolutely love their tears, it fuels most of us on a daily basis.

The hurt just keeps going from the Sevco camp as the Klanbase are forking out hard earned brew money to snap up these £60 fakes that the club itself are selling, big mike yet again was the puppet master behind the so called Castore premium brand and both of the brothers have stepped down and disappeared with their money.

Just play the video, its rather brilliant if you ask me: