Kris Commons has actually today contrasted Celtic and Rangers’ transfer activity as he believed our Ibrox adversaries have actually made a signal of intent.

In what method? By signing a 14-goal striker from Oostende named Fashion Sakala. Yes, Rangers have made their initial finalizing of the summertime as well as it takes a look at stated value like an underwhelming one.

However, it’s something that accurately bugged Commons as Celtic have still to introduce their brand-new manager.

“The pre-contract signing of Zambian striker Fashion Sakala is a clear statement of intent about how the club will be looking to build on what is already a position of strength. In truth, you could even look as far back as January when they tied up deals to sign Jack Simpson, Scott Wright and Nnamdi Ofoborh.

“Since arriving in October 2019, Rangers sporting director Ross Wilson has worked with Steven Gerrard to implement a very clear and defined recruitment structure. The club have reaped the ultimate reward by winning this year’s league title and they have no intention of resting on their laurels.

“In comparison, Celtic continue to stumble around in the dark. They are about to embark on the biggest overhaul of players in a generation, yet don’t even have a manager in place. The Eddie Howe saga shows no obvious sign of ending any time soon and it’s now getting to the stage where some fans have genuine concerns over whether the deal will happen at all. Celtic are dragging their heels and have no clear plan of action in place, while Rangers are charging ahead with signings for next season.”

It’s unfair to consider Rangers as well as start reviewing all of them to our club. They’ve had a scouting team that is actually remained in spot for a number of years currently together with a manager who is actually entering his fourth term as their leader. In other words, they possess continuity and stability.

However even that is actually escaping the factor. Rangers could authorize 5 or even 6 players as well as it definitely would not change anything for our team whatsoever. Our board still have a plan for the summer. The plan doesn’t change depending on if Rangers sign a few players or not.

Regularly comparing what our experts are actually doing reviewed to all of them is actually strenuous as well as counter-productive. Our team need to have our very own goals and cease looking at whether our club are having a better signing window than our opponents. If our team can get rid of many of the deadwood players, sell those right into the last years of their agreements, and also introduce a multitude of good replacements– our restoring project is going to be actually very positive.

That is actually all we should be really focusing on. Neglect the fact that Rangers have authorized a couple of players that barely also look nothing close to outstanding in advance of upcoming season. We should merely concentrate on ourselves and the plan ahead.

Agreed though, our club still haven’t entered a serious stage of our restoring procedure. Our team still do not have a new manager announced as yet as well as the move window is still to open. It’s going to be actually fast paced, and our experts can’t wait to observe how the Hoops deals with things over the upcoming number of months.

But regardless of what direction Celtic enter, Rangers’ transactions activity will not have an effect on factors whatsoever. We must stop stressing about it.