For a moment, I was optimistic this morning. That didn’t last long.

As I awoke at around 7am, Japan time, I saw on my newsfeed that Celtic’s Chief Executive, Peter Lawwell had released a statement.

“Finally, some movement on a new manager,” I thought.

How naïve I was. The statement offered nothing, except an opportunity for Lawwell’s supporters to swim in their own sycophancy.

It’s very easy to use catchy phrases like “strength in adversity”, when you aren’t being called out on what they actually mean.

If Lawwell wanted to show genuine strength, he would see past his friendship with Neil Lennon and realize that he has to go. Unfortunately Lawwell seldom sees beyond his own bankbook.

This statement offered nothing to reassure Celtic fans like me, worried that our season is falling apart from all angles. Instead, it actively made the situation worse. It acknowledged none of the structural issues at the club. Instead it offered vague ideas of “disappointment” and “unique difficulties”.

They aren’t unique!

Every club in the league has to deal with the same problems this year, and relatively speaking, most are handling them far better than we are!

There is no disadvantage specifically holding Celtic back this year, and it is dishonest of Lawwell to suggest otherwise. We simply have a manager who isn’t doing well, and a team of chronically underperforming players, who often look disinterested. When this happens at a football club, standard practice is to look at changing the manager.

Reading between the lines, this statement suggests the Celtic Board aren’t even considering that possibility at the moment.

Maybe they are, maybe this is all just a smokescreen to buy time while they source a replacement for Neil Lennon. I honestly don’t know.

But if that is the case, then producing this sham show of support for someone you call your friend, whilst looking to ditch him as soon as possible is also very poor form.

Already on social media this morning, I see calls from multiple Celtic fans to demand refunds on last season’s season tickets. They are legally entitled to this, but as an act of goodwill towards the club, they opted not to exercise that right.

Well, here’s what our goodwill brought us, a statement that effectively says “we know better than you, now shut up and do as you’re told”.

It’s cowardly, its pathetic, and sadly, it’s exactly what I’ve come to expect from our Chief Executive.

Accountability doesn’t really seem to be a consideration for the Celtic Board anymore.

I spoke yesterday of a rot within Celtic’s business structure, one that I think goes far beyond the manager and the players. Sadly, this statement just confirms those fears.

Changing the manager won’t be enough, it’s too late for that.
I believe Peter Lawwell needs to go to. He’s been aware of the way things have been headed for a few years now, and chose to ignore it. That is negligence, and in most lines of work, it would get you sacked.

Neil Lennon must go, and Peter Lawwell must follow close behind.