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Lazio Angered As Celtic Are Handed Advantage

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Celtic have been handed a massive away advantage as Lazio have been told to close a section of Curva Nord and also UEFA handed the Hoops a hefty 9000 ticket allocation.

UEFA made the announcement following allegations of racist abuse during Lazio’s match against Rennes, Italian clubs have had a long history of racism in their leagues and its only a matter of time before UEFA get drastic with their punishments.

Their spokesman Yuri Alviti said: “It’s a farcical sentence because UEFA punish the weakest teams in these situations. Our club just accept this and once again, Lazio fans are paying the consequences. Against Celtic, they will have 10,000 fans in our stadium. Our players need the contribution of the Curva Nord. So UEFA have given Celtic a massive advantage.

“We are amazed at this punishment but we see no point of further challenging this and inviting further punishment and we have decided there are other ways we can make our voices heard. So for our games against Atalanta and when we play Celtic in Rome, we invite every single Lazio fan to wear a scarf and wave a flag. Colouring the Stadio Olimpico in Lazio colours will be our response.”

Celtic will take their biggest official support in a decade to Rome, against Barcelona and Bayern Munich they have had 10,000 fans in the stadium despite only being given official allocations of less than 5,000 tickets.

Lets hope Lennon can get the Celtic team pumped up for this important match as Celtic must get the three points and gain as much as a lead as possible if we hope to get past the group stages of Europa League.

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