Celtic manager Neil Lennon has confirmed that all staff and players will not be stopping for any selfies with fans in an altered daily regime to stop the spread of the Coronavirus.

With the global out-break of the virus, all sporting governing bodies have issued strict instructions for all clubs to follow.

In Celtic’s match against Livingston, both Lennon and Holt touched elbows as the SFA have banned the normal shaking of hands.

The Glasgow club have regular meetings with all staff in a bid to keep the virus from spreading within Celtic Park.

The club will also take action on the player’s Summer breaks as they would need to make decisions on if the staff would be allowed to leave the country.

Effect On The Title

The SFA have also confirmed that in such an event of a mass outbreak, Lennon’s Bhoys will be confirmed as official Champions as we are too far infront.

This would only be logical as Rangers in theory have little chance of overturning the huge gap.