Neil Lennon has already commented on the whole Forster saga and it was quite disheartening to hear that its all down to Forster but the Hoops gaffer managed to slightly dodge the question on another possible signing.
We reported earlier on that whole saga but Lennon has also given an update in such about another possible target that fans have been in split decision over.
Former Manchester City keeper Joe Hart has been a key name floating about the last few weeks and fans are probably sick of hearing it, but Hart as a target could become reality as Celtic don’t have much longer before their first game of the season against Hamilton in August.
This could mean that Scott Bain will have to take the lead in goals, in someways I’m ok with that its just worrying that we only have one decent keeper as it stands.
An interviewer managed to ask the question on Forster and after Lennon answered the reporter slipped in the Joe Hart rumour and asked whether he was an option, The Hoops gaffer never confirmed Celtic were talking to the former England goalie but didn’t deny it either.