Neil Lennon has been blamed for his signing strategy this season.

Duffy, Barkas, Ajeti were all introduced to help the club win ten league titles.

As yet none of them have succeeded since joining and as the championship slowly slips away, this will still be a stick that Lennon will be pounded with as the reason the league was won.

Lennon was also questioned for having experienced stars like Craig Gordon, Mikel Lustig and Johnny Hayes leave, and pundits such as Mark Wilson felt that he would have faced backlash even if he had retained the old guard, or renewed the squad with new faces.

Wilson stated:

“These things are easy to say in hindsight, because if Neil Lennon and had kept Mikel Lustig and Johnny Hayes, and the rest of the experienced players you talk about and the same thing had happened, and they were 15 points behind, he would be getting slaughtered for not refreshing the team and resting on his laurels.

“Neil probably looked at that and thought we need younger fresher legs on here to carry us over the line, he’s done that in the past is, he has continually changed his squad and upgraded it and got rid of older players. I was one of them because Lustig came in and had eight fantastic years but that is just the way Neil works.”

When a listener indicated that Lennon had driven the club backwards, Wilson dismissed these feelings and instead pointed the caller at the trophies Lennon has won.

“The thing about taking them (Celtic) backwards, he’s came in and he’s been successful he’s won leagues, he’s won Scottish Cups so I don’t know if he’s taking them backwards in terms of titles and trophies.”