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Magic Hat Loser Warburton Helping Out Rangers By Playing Mind Games.

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Former Rangers manager and managerial flop Mark Warburton, has made a bold statement by saying in a recent interview that Gerrard was correct to reject Derby and stay with zeros Rangers as he believes this year like many years before it, is the year Rangers can win the league ahead of Treble Treble winners Celtic FC.

Obviously we all know magic hat wearing Mark Warburton is clearly trying to drum up some attention and surely even he cant believe that Rangers are in a strong position to challenge Celtic.

You just have to look at the value of the clubs, as currently Rangers are valued at a measly £30 million compared to Celtic’s strong £80 million, its just a typical pre-season in Scottish football with Rangers trying to play silly mind games to get one over on the mighty Glasgow Celtic, and its not happening.

According to recent reports, the Rams wanted to talk to Gerrard about succeeding his former England team-mate, but he turned down their advances.

“Steven Gerrard is at a magnificent institution of a club.

“After all the managerial changes and squad adaptations, I truly believe next season is Rangers’ season.

“I think Steven would be very keen, I’m sure, to stay at that great club, take it forward, stop Celtic’s run and establish himself as a legend within the club.

“Derby is a fantastic Championship club with fantastic support, but in Glasgow Rangers you have a real institution there.

“I’m sure Steven is keen to dispel any such rumours and focus on the task at hand.”

1 thought on “Magic Hat Loser Warburton Helping Out Rangers By Playing Mind Games.

  1. Used to be an institution, until they stopped paying taxes and we’re liquidated in 2011.
    Now an ordinary club.

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