Ange Postecoglou has indicated that appointing a new Celtic sports director is a top priority for the club, but that this will most likely happen after the summer transfer window.

Since Neil Lennon’s departure in February, Celtic have been connected with a new sports director/director of football. As new signings began to arrive, there was amusement when Postecoglou was hired without one in place.

McKay indicated following Postecoglou’s hiring that he was “open-minded” to the possibility of a new DoF joining the football club [Glasgow Times].

And now, Postecoglou stated that it’s something that would most certainly be pursued once the summer window closes.

Postecoglou said:

“Mate, whenever somebody above talks to me about anything other than bringing in players I kind of say ‘the connection is bad so try again later’!

“My sole focus at the moment is on getting the right squad together. That doesn’t mean that what you’re talking about isn’t important. It is. It’s a priority.

“But it’s a priority post-window. I’ve got some ideas and I know Dom’s got some ideas on how we restructure things in the football department, so we’ll crack on with that once the window closes.”

The natural moment to hire a sports director, according to many supporters, would have been before the summer window. It would have been more logical to make that appointment before we started reorganising the playing team.

Celtic, on the other hand, may have a different concept about what they want their sporting director to be. It may deviate from the usual, and Postecoglou will want to express his own opinion.

If the manager was assisting in the selection of the sporting director, however, there would be clear red flags. That isn’t the way things should be done.

However, Celtic must make it clear what their sporting director’s responsibilities will be. It’s critical that fans understand exactly what the position involves. Keeping such information from the fans would just add to their dissatisfaction.

It also has to be explained why Celtic decided to bring one in after the window closed. It defies all sense in terms of what a typical athletic director is expected to do.

Postecoglou’s announcement today was undoubtedly intriguing. If a new guy is brought in after the window, though, there will be a lot of questions to be addressed.