Danny McGrain believes that Celtic’s starlet Jeremie Frimpong will eventually be valued at around the £50 million bracket as the legend has been very impressed with the young Dutchman.

Since Celtic purchased Frimpong from Manchester City last season, many fans didn’t expect the youngster to even make the squad and many of us were slightly annoyed at the club wasting resources in signing a future player rather than a first team, oh how we were wrong.

The Hoops star made a name for himself amongst the Celtic supporters and impressed Neil Lennon with his displays that forced the gaffer to consider him for more first team action.

The Hoops’ iconic right-back, now 70, has been highly impressed with the form of the young Dutchman and how he’s taken to the club so quickly.

The defender has easily become of of Celtic’s most exciting purchases over the last decade and at a bargain price of £350K which will rise to a cool £1 million.

McGrain said:

“Frimpong looks to be on the road to being an exceptionally good player — but he’s still young and has so much ahead of him.

“But all things being well, he’s going to be a top player. Frimpong is already a great prospect.

“He’s only 19 — I can’t wait to see him play when he’s in his twenties.

“I’ve not seen all of his games this season, even from last year, when he first came in, he quickly looked a player.

“The first thing that caught my eye about him was his willingness to immediately take on the player in front of him.

“And, of course, his pace which is excellent for somebody of his size and build. Frimpong is about as tall as me — and that’s not tall, by any manner of means!

“He’s a player full of confidence and enthusiasm. He plays with such a freedom and I love young players operating like that.

“Frimpong plays like a winger, almost. They said the same about me when I played. He’s also obviously playing in a team where the opportunities present themselves for him to go up the park.

“Sometimes as a wing-back you can sprint down the flank too early, sometimes you can go too often.

“The opposition can suss you out and set up traps for you. When I first started playing I used to go all the time — because I could!

“I was physically equipped to do it, but it was still a learning experience for me. As time went on, I’d pick and choose my moments.

“But when you’re younger you’ve got that natural enthusiasm. You also play without fear. That’s how I’m seeing Frimpong just now.

“He’s full of confidence and I admire the runs he makes. He’s clever.

“What’s more, most of the time he produces when he gets to the other end of the pitch, either with a cross for a team-mate or a shot on target.

“It’s looking very good for Frimpong and I really hope he can be at Celtic for a long time.”

McGrain added: “Frimpong is such an exciting player to watch and with every game he’s improving.

“He’s always looking to try things — and he lifts the team with one of his trademark runs.

“When you’ve got a young lad doing what he does so naturally, you can’t change that. You can’t coach that out of him.

“If I were ever in his company — and I’d enjoy the chance of a chat — I’d simply say to him: ‘Keep on doing what you’re doing. It’s brilliant’.

“Obviously, the manager or the coaching staff will still give the boy the benefit of their wisdom. They will give him pointers on positioning and the runs he makes.

“Frimpong will make mistakes. Everyone does. The big thing will be that he doesn’t keep on making the same ones.

“Stupid mistakes shouldn’t happen more than twice.

“Right now, the kid will want to do everything – he’ll be feeling good about himself, he’ll have that confidence that nothing’s beyond him.

“And the difference between a player with that belief and another without it is quite dramatic.

“Frimpong is doing great and long may that continue.

“I’m sure Lenny will be having a word in his ear from time to time, wee bits of advice.

“But it’s not hard to see how much Lenny loves him as a player. He’s generally raving about the lad.

“Frimpong’s ability to speed down the flank puts fear into opposition teams. Suddenly, they have to find a way to stop him.

“Hibs ended up having to use TWO left backs against Frimpong, taking the younger one (Josh Doig) off and replacing him with someone more experienced (Lewis Stevenson).

“Yet neither could do anything about Frimpong.

“He’s got the reputation now – and I hope he can go from strength to strength.”

Frimpong is on hot form this season and should be used as competition for James Forrest as the reliant winger needs a challenger for his first team place so both players can develop further.