Jim Goodwin has come under fire from the Klanbase and their Klan driven media for calling out the referees in Scottish Football and their lack of penalty calls against Gerrard’s team here’s a hint there haven’t been any.

We all know the facts and Goodwin was brave enough to make his feelings public as Rangers are the only team to not have a penalty decision go against them this season.

Goodwin said: “In any game you are in you need an element of luck, you need certain decisions to go in your favour.

“You need the referees to get the big decisions right on the day and be brave enough to make those decisions.

“There has been one or two instances where there have been penalties that haven’t been awarded and you are hoping that those kinds of decisions don’t go against us tomorrow.

“I think I’m right in saying Rangers are the only team in the Premiership who haven’t had a penalty given against them and sometimes subconsciously it can play on the minds of officials.

“You just hope that if we are to have one of those decisions tomorrow that they go in our favour and the referees are brave enough to make the calls needed.

“So, of course, there is an element of luck involved but I don’t think we won the quarter-final by being lucky.

“I think Rangers made three or four changes to their starting 11 that definitely made it not be their strongest 11.

“I think my players deserve a great deal of credit for the way they stopped Rangers playing, got close to them, got in their faces, denied them time and space on the ball which denied them getting any real rhythm into their game and that’s what we need to do tomorrow regardless of what team Steven Gerrard goes with.”

We said it from the start of the season, the powers at be will throw everything they have at stopping Celtic winning their 10th league title in a row.

Celtic have now started to find their form and our biggest test of this season will be facing Rangers this weekend.

As you can imagine, the moon howlers didn’t take too well at Jim Goodwin’s comments.