The latest Hun cheerleader to crawl out of their hole is a low level reporter by the name of Fraser Fletcher who has made the claim that Ange Postecoglou hasn’t been tested domestically.

Fletcher claims to be a reporter for various media outlets and over the last 12 months gained a following on Twitter by posting transfer updates and going on podcasts.

However, in the last 3-4 months the media worker has slowly shown his allegiances and now it’s quite clear that he’s a Rangers fan as Fraser has now started writing for fan media Klan sites.

This isn’t the issue here, in his recent post Fletcher has stated that this Rangers team could pull off something special and knock Celtic off their perch and also that Postecoglou has not been tested domestically.

Really Fraser?

The Celtic manager took over a bare bones of a squad last season and also only had the matter of weeks before the season kicked off.

Postecoglou then had to sell key players to fund his rebuild, we as Celtic fans didn’t think the club would see any silverware last season due to the massive overhaul that had to be done.

And Rangers fans were foaming at the mouth of them having an easy season, oh how both sets of fans were wrong as Ange Postecoglou fought back from a point deficit and took the league back from a Rangers team who made it to the Europa Final, if that’s not a test I don’t know what is.

This is what he posted on his latest RANGERS media article:

Celtic have enjoyed a recent spell of dominance in the league and to some that seems like it is not going to end anytime soon.

Ange Postecoglou is spoken about as one of the best young managers in Europe but i think its fair to say that domestically he is yet to be properly tested.

It’s clear to say that alot of Celtic fans got hoodwinked by this clown and now he’s shown his true colours which aren’t Green and White.