Frank McAvennie’s humiliating diatribe over Celtic’s strategy of renewing player contracts continues today.

Greg Taylor is the newest member of the group. It’s not a top priority for McAvennie.

There are likely to be some in our ranks who disagree with him, especially given the oddity of Taylor as a candidate.

Nevertheless, listening to McAvennie’s speech about wise money management is comparable to hearing Beverley Allitt’s speech about child care options.

Due to his poor financial management skills, McAvennie had to sell Willie Haughey all of his medals after he went into debt.

Despite referring to Celtic as “us,” he has nothing but bad things to say about them.

The fact that this person, as well as Nicholas, continuously slanders us while posing as our allies irritates me.

That group’s members seem to be having some issues.

Is it truly their resentment over how things ended that motivates them?

The two men had some success at Celtic, but it was nothing compared to what some of the individuals they never weary of berating have accomplished.

Taylor is deserving of his new contract since he is a hard worker and a warrior who never complains or laments the stream of abuse he receives from jokers like him. He has earned a contract that makes him feel valued when he wears our colours.

The notion that we can only do one of two things – secure the stars currently here or bring in new players in January – is absurd in and of itself, and demonstrates a complete lack of knowledge of Celtic, which is to be expected of someone who is hardly permitted inside the ground.

A good team should seek to reward players while also recruiting new ones.

We might debate whether Taylor is the most deserving of such insightful thinking, but the reality is that it is not our decision; the manager’s judgement is what counts.

This is most certainly not a call for someone like McAvennie to make.