In response to a question on how he decided which players to leave out of the starting XI, ANGE POSTECOGLOU delivered another memorable one-liner.
After James Forrest was benched following his hat-trick at the weekend, the issue arose. When asked how he approaches the topic of excluding players by The Scotsman, Ange joked:

“I don’t tell them, I just avoid them mate.

“Easy discussion, I just put the team up and walk away.

“I think they’ve all embraced that, they understand it. You saw last year what happens when you put the burden on a very few, you get injuries and it affects us. If James  had played tonight or Giako had played tonight, there’s no chance for Saturday, so they understand that. They all appreciate and all understand that if we are going to be successful, playing this kind of football, everyone’s got their role to play.

“I think there is a respect within the group. We all know what we are trying to achieve and we all want to do it together. That means that no one is more important than anyone else.”

Abada might have scored a hat-trick against Motherwell and would score a brace for James Forrest on the opening night.

Since he had a large enough squad, Ange has been pounding this drum. It’s not only a reliable 11–12 guys he’s looking at for every game because of the intensity of the team play. The Celtic manager carefully selects the best team for that given game after carefully considering the complete roster.

We’re beginning to see the team come together after getting caught off guard at St. Mirren Park, which will allow them to integrate into Ange’s system with ease.