The short answer is no, not really. However, that wouldn’t make for much of an attention-grabbing headline now, would it?

As sure the sun rises, each day brings with it another fresh round of Celtic scare stories from the Scottish media.

The latest round of headlines from the Daily Record, among others, talk of a “13 million pound cash blow” to Celtic.

My first reaction, as was probably yours, on reading the headline was: “Oh f**k! Celtic have lost £13 million!”

Of course, as usual, these “journalists” are banking on their readers having neither the literacy or numeracy skills to pick apart this sensationalism. 

Indeed, nobody insults the intelligence of their readers quite like the Scottish tabloids. 

Read the small print and it soon becomes clear. Celtic haven’t actually lost any money. 

In fact, despite all the trials and tribulations of the last 8 months, both on and off the pitch, Celtic still posted a profit in excess of £100,000.

In short, Celtic haven’t lost any money, we just didn’t make as much as we did last year. 

In total, the money the club took in this year fell by almost 16%. This sounds bad but again, context is key. 

When I tell you Celtic brought in 70.2 million pounds this year, as opposed to 83.4 million the year before, it doesn’t sound so drastic, does it?

Celtic are still bringing in plenty of money, and unlike last season we did it without selling any of our key assets among the first team. 

We are still an organization that delivers off the park, even if the team are currently struggling to meet expectations on it. 

Meanwhile, you’ve probably got more chance of having a pint with Lord Lucan than you have of seeing anything resembling accurate accounts from Ibrox.

But hey, what do I know? It wouldn’t surprise me if the Daily Record announced tomorrow that good old Stevie G has just invented a cure for Covid. 

Their level of willful ignorance when it comes to all things Rangers is truly astounding.

The people who write this nonsense aren’t stupid, but clearly they continue to think that we are. 

Don’t believe the hype. Celtic are doing just fine. Sadly its probably a question of how many rather than if clubs will go bust as a result of the financial fallout from this pandemic. We can rest assured though, that Celtic won’t be one of them. 

All we need to focus on now is turning financial success into footballing triumph. 

I remain confident we soon will.