Brendan Rodgers has finally saw the light so to speak as The Leicester City boss openly said on a podcast that Celtic are bigger than the English Premier League outfit that he sneaked off to join and ditched the champions.
It seems that Rodgers is actually gaining more press about Celtic than when he was here in charge as the former gaffer just can’t stop talking about the Hoops, his club Leicester are in the middle of a battle for that sweet Champions League spot in England, also he’s gearing up to face former prodigy Tierney against Arsenal.
Rodgers walked out on Celtic in a late night flit to the East Midlands in late February 2019, taking as many of the back-room staff with him as he could and leaving Celtic to pick up the pieces ahead of two crucial matches in Edinburgh.
If Lennon wasn’t about and Kennedy followed Rodgers to England, Celtic could have been in real nasty trouble as it was fate Lennon took the reigns and already knew the ins and outs of Celtic Park.
This seems to weigh heavily on Rodgers and he has certainly attempted to talk his way out of the support’s ‘bad books’ during the past few months. Speaking to The Gaffer Tapes podcast Rodgers admitted that he believes that Celtic are a bigger club than Leicester City.
Of course the Hoops are a MUCH bigger club than Leicester, Rodgers knew that but he was chasing a spot back within the EPL club of managers that everybody seems to think of as elite.
The English Premier League is riddled with obscene money and crazy transfers, a place where a billionaire can buy a low level club and turn them into champions in the matter of seasons.
Here is what Rodgers had to say:

“It wasn’t just a get up and go. It probably seemed that because of the situation but the club was in a really good situation.
“We had won seven trophies in a row, we’d created a professional mindset within the squad and within the culture.
“The team were able to go and win the league by nine points and go on and win the next two cup competitions and achieve the ‘Treble treble’.
“I was then given the opportunity to come to Leicester, which isn’t as big a club as Celtic, of course, but the challenge and professional challenge of taking a club into the top six was going to be a huge challenge for us.
“And that is something at every club I have gone into I have always wanted.”