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Rodgers Will Turn Celtic Around and Retain The League ?

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Celtic are going through a rough patch just now, after winning the double treble and having an invincible season, our form and morale has taken a hit.

All over the Celtic social media wether it be Facebook or Twitter, it’s been non stop criticisms of Brendan and the squad.

Sometimes fans have short memories of how much Brendan Rodgers has changed our club for the better, it’s easy to say our league is easy and Rangers were nothing more than an easy target, but no matter what club and league, managing a top level club that demands win after win is not an easy task.

As a team we have lost quality players and not replaced them, Rodgers himself has stated this and said publicly he needs 3-4 good players to add to the squad.

The board are the ones that control this not the manager, if Rodgers leaves who is there to take over. The only task a new manager could aim to achieve is Europe and that is a no go without money to spend.

If anyone is going to turn it around it will be Brendan Rodgers, the season has only started and I would rather drop silly points at the start of the season instead of the end.

1 thought on “Rodgers Will Turn Celtic Around and Retain The League ?

  1. Take the question mark away and make it a statement, not a question…..Rodgers will turn Celtic around. And retain the league.

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